Stair Risers – Division Table 3-5-7-9

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    Here are the steps to take to complete your project:

    1. Print this template.
    2. When creating, it is important to take into account the number of steps in each of set of stairs. This way, the artwork will be adapted to the number of steps at each level.
    3. Then, measure the width and height of each step. Note that while the width is generally the same at each step, the height may differ from one step to the next, as the schools were built several years ago.
    4. Allow for some leeway when measuring. It would be a good idea to remove 1 cm on the width and the height to avoid it being too close to the edges during installation.
    5. Write the dimensions of each step in the table, starting from the bottom of the table upwards, in order to keep the order of the steps.
    6. In the Code column, specify the desired stair riser pattern based on our models available online. (EX: CM01-A)
    7. In the Specifications column, specify information such as the desired color, the slogan or the school value to be promoted.
    8. To receive a quote, send your scanned document to
    9. We will get back to you shortly to validate all information.

    To calculate the price of your project, see the table below. Our prices vary depending on the amount of stair riser decals to be ordered, as well as the width of the stair risers, which are smaller or larger than 52 inches.

    Price List - Stair Risers
    Price Per Unit

    Small - Less than 52 inches wide

    Between 15 and 24 units 34$ ea.
    Between 25 and 39 units 29$ ea.
    Between 40 and 59 units 24$ ea.
    60 units or more 19$ ea.

    Large - More than 52 inches wide

    Between 15 and 24 units 39$ ea.
    Between 25 and 39 units 34$ ea.
    Between 40 and 59 units 29$ ea.
    60 units or more 24$ ea.

    Extra Large - more than 75 inches wide

    All quantity Add 10$ ea.

    OPTION - on styrene support - Add $ 10 per riser

    This option corresponds to an unbreakable piece of plasctic on which the vinyl is pre-affixed. A double-sided, high-adhesion tape is glued on the back for ease of installation.

    We use this option when the risers are damaged by rust, or on a ceramic surface.

    What product should be used

    Send us pictures of your stairs which this will help us choose the right product.

    Vinyl adhered directly to the stair riser to be used for terrazo, painted metal and plastic surfaces.

    Vinyl adhered using a styrene backing to be used for ceramic and damaged metal surfaces.

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